Sunday, June 22, 2014

13 Surprising Ways to Treat Your Hair Right

So you faithfully read trendy magazines like Cosmo paying close attention to anything about caring for hair.

You regularly visit hair care sites online like Terrific Tresses, Hair Care Guide or Become  Your hair is so healthy you could be a hair commercial model.

You're the one your girlfriends turn to when their distressed tresses leave them in tears because you're their Facebook hair diva who has their back. Got it.

If you're nodding your head yes to any of that then maybe what follows isn't for you. But for everyone else in search of 24/7 gorgeous runway hot hair, well let's get busy. "Notice me" hair awaits.

Healthy Hair Starts with Knowing
What to and What Not to Do

Okay so I found this awesome video. It's loaded with tons of good advice that is perfect for those in search of healthier locks. That if nothing else will serve as a reminder for what you should be doing for your hair, rather than what you are doing to it.

You probably don't need me to tell you that knowing what to and what NOT to do is vitally important. That being the case you'll want to steal these tips:

If you want to let you hair air dry, a healthy thing to do by the way, wash it at night. That way you avoid any rushed time under the blow drying.

If you want to avoid tangles or knots, comb them out before washing. Much easier to do before than after. Better for your hair too.

If you want more bounce with lots of volume for limp locks buy a volumizing shampoo/conditioner. The problem with moisturizing shampoos? As you know they can sometimes tend to weigh down your hair. This will result is hair that is flatter looking with less bounce and less volume.

If you want to avoid drying the tips of your hair when shampooing, you want to focus your attention on your scalp. This will remove the oil and debris that has accumulated there since you last lathered up. The idea is to simply let the shampoo run down your strands. That will be enough to clean anything past your ears. Rinse using luke warm water.

If you want to avoid flat weighed down hair near the crown apply the conditioner to the lower half of your strands. From there you might want to tie your hair up into loose bun to give the conditioner time to work while going about your morning routine. Remember the second biggest mistake made when using hair conditioner is being in too big of a hurry to rinse it out - again using luke warm water.

If you want to avoid dull lackluster hair but insist on using hot tools pick your poison. Never double team your hair with both a blow dryer and flat iron. A double dose of heat like that is toxic to shine. If you want to try something at home to protect the gloss, I read you can apply a bit of olive oil to dry hair, focusing on the ends. Comb it through. The hit it with a dryer for three to fix minutes to open the cuticles to aid penetration. Then let it sit for 20 minutes before washing. The extra hydration is just what the (hair) doctor ordered, know what I mean?

Depending on the shape your strands are in, you may want to spritz some leave in conditioner. This is all the more important should you opt to use hot styling tools or have your hair colored. It will help maintain the health of your locks. It can make a huge improvement if you are a victim of "hay hair".

By the way, she mentions a product by 12 Benefits I had never heard of. A bit of research suggests to me it has a lot of promise with some rave reviews online. You might want to check it out. Words used to describe it include "Amazing". "Incredible". "Great thermal protector". Besides anything that can shorten the amount of time our mane is exposed to heat can't be all bad. Oh, yeah, but all this goodness does come at a price. Just wanted to warn you.

Okay. Where were we? Oh yeah. Healthy locks.

If you want to grow healthy locks don't overlook the importance of regular trims. Not something you want to go crazy with because after all, all that trimming is taking something off the length. But if you don't and your ends do split, the breakage that can result won't do anything for the length though either.

If you want to grow healthy locks avoid hot styling tools. The damage that builds up over time does take a toll that shows.

If you want to grow healthy locks but are addicted to hot styling tools, never plug in anything before applying heat protectant and leave in products and deep conditioners. While these won't prevent 100% of the self-inflicted damage that results it can minimize it to a certain extent.

If you want to grow healthy locks do not wash your hair every day. I know. This is a biggy. For some it's a habit that has become ingrained over time. It's simply something you do every time you step into the shower. Well guess what? Maybe it's time to break that healthy oil removing habit. Naturally if your hair tends to get oily and dry shampoo doesn't turn your hair into something amazing, then I understand. But what's up with the rest of you? You may be surprised to learn you can go two, even three days without your look being trashed because of bad hair. Should you take this to heart, don't expect instant respect from your hair. There will be a period of adjustment as the oil levels your scalp pumps out adjust to the new cleaning routine. But if you hang in there your hair will be healthier for it. This tip is essential.

If you want to grow healthy locks nix washing it with scalding hot water. Again perhaps something we all know better than to do, but do it anyways. This can be drying. It opens the cuticle and can leave your hair somewhat dulled. The point here isn't to say you need to join the Polar Bear Club and shower in frigid water, just tone down the heat to luke warm.

If you want to grow healthy locks handle them with care when wet. That's when it is most vulnerable to breakage. So you do not want to rip through knots and tangles with a brush when it is wet.

If you want to grow healthy locks color with care. Even better go for highlights. Not covered in the video, here's how to get perfect ones.

If you want to grow healthy locks you need to eat right. If you want healthy hair you need to skip the fast food, fatty foods and other things that you know already I'm sure. It's just not always to eat what you need to to get healthy hair. Just so you know Vitamin A helps healthy hair. Vitamin E leads to better circulation in your scalp and that helps with strong strands. 

Finally, long hair, if that is your goal, doesn't happen overnight. You need to give your hair time and you need to have patience. The more damaged it is when you start means the more time and patience you will need.